Brewerism tours were developed as activities for all sorts of people to engage with beer in a new and exciting way. We want to share the art, science, heritage, and ‘revolution’ of this ancient industry with you!

Our Values

Passion is certainly at the core of Brewerism’s efforts and aims. Our specific values include:

Celebration & Exploration

Brewerism is about celebrating beer in all of its glory, and about bringing people together to explore the world of beer in order to try and learn new things. We aren’t here to tell you what beer is good and what beer is not. We are not about cask versus keg, traditional versus modern, or ale versus lager. There is an incredible variety of beer and breweries out there, and through the microcosm of Cheltenham and the Cotswolds, we’ll taste, tour and discuss what is going on in beer around the world.

Customer Experience

This is more than just customer service. We want your experience of Brewerism to be positive from beginning to end. We want you to feel welcome, engaged, cared for, satisfied, and delighted by your tour or tasting. We welcome your feedback and welcome you to share your time with us on social media. Our beer tours are supposed to be an adventure, and that’s the experience we want to give you.

Local Collaboration

We are very proud of the area that we live and the people that make Cheltenham and the Cotswolds brilliant places to live, work and play. We see Brewerism as a vehicle to raise the profile of the region through tourism by creating a network of breweries and other businesses to promote the region as a beer destination. Our tours and business are built on relationships with many businesses and individuals, without whom we would not be able to offer our awesome experiences! In every facet of doing business, we strive to work with local and independent producers and suppliers.

Ethical Consumerism

We aren’t comfortable with the idea that the planet might suffer due to our enterprise and so Brewerism will always strive to keep its footprint as shallow as possible. Our print materials are either on recycled stock or come from certified forests (FSC, PEFC), and the inks are plant based, rather than petroleum based. Our merchandise is organic and fair trade. Our tours include a fair amount of walking, because its not only good for (most of) us, but it’s carbon neutral. We recycle everything that we can, even if we have to pay extra for the service. We believe in having a great time and enjoying great beer, while staying conscious of our impact on Mother Earth.


There’s always a ‘Discovery Journey’

Like many people, Brewerism’s originator Shandin initially didn’t like beer. However, she had the good fortune to grow up in Oregon, the US ‘Beervana’.

When she was old enough to try ‘craft beer’ she was an immediate convert and was amazed at all the extraordinary breweries and beers around her. She started going on brewery tours and to beer festivals to explore the range, and volunteered for her first festival in 2013: the famous Portland International Beer Festival.

Everywhere she went after that – new cities, new states, new countries – she started seeking out local breweries and ‘craft beer bars’ as a priority element of her travels.

The British Revelation

Shandin spent a lot of time in the UK, discovering its great breweries and beers, and decided to move to Cheltenham, England in January 2014. She rapidly became friends with local beer business owners and brewers, through beer tastings, festivals, meet-the- brewers and visiting many different pubs. Her favourite thing about the industry, in the US and the UK, is the collaboration and friendliness between brewers and beer lovers.

Despite having studied English Literature and Business at university, and working in International Education administration, she decided to gain experience in working with beer and undertook specialist related training. Brewerism Ltd is Shandin’s first business venture and first company directorship.

‘Many people dream about giving up their career to work in beer’, she says. ’If they make the big leap, you’ll find that passion for good beer is the biggest driver – not fame or fortune. Beer makes people happy, and spending your days around happy, adventurous people is very rewarding’.

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